Who Will Win the Race for AI

China and the United States are leading the pack—and the laggards face grave dangers.

Een artikel door Yuval Noah Harari, historicus en auteur van o.a. Sapiens.
Verschenen op de website van Foreign Policy - Global Thinkers.

Who Will Win the Race for AI

Bijna alles wat Yuval Noah Harari is inspirerend en zet je aan het denken. In dit artikel zet hij uiteen welke race in AI er wereldwijd gaande is en wat de negatieve consequenties zijn ‘if you don’t keep up’.

Verschenen op de website van Foreign Policy – Global Thinkers: Who will win the race for AI? 


Enkele abstracts uit: who Will Win the Race for AI?

The race to develop artificial intelligence (AI) is gathering momentum, and as the United States and China pull ahead, other countries, especially in the developing world, are lagging far behind. If they don’t catch up, their economic and political prospects will be grim.

All countries, regardless of whether they are tech superpowers or not, will feel the effects of the AI revolution.

Those who control the data could eventually reshape not only the world’s economic and political future but also the future of life itself. The combination of AI and biotechnology will be critical for any future attempts to redesign bodies, brains, and minds.

It is far from certain that the world’s weaker states can avoid being data-colonized. But they have to try. If they bury their heads in the ground, focus on their immediate problems, and ignore the AI race, their fate will be decided in their absence.




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